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Cover Photo Kathleen DiGrigoli Photography

Sophia Arredondo, in her own words.

Photography Michael Maniago

I have been in modeling for the past year and a half and I am having the time of my life, I guess you could say I am in my element. I am finishing up my freshman year at an all honors high school, with a direction component of finance and business. Over the last year I have attended IMTA, background on television and film shoots, Television interviews, multiple photo shoots, and several runway fashion shows. I am looking to continue fashion shows and expand to more print and commercials. I just signed on with Look Agency in Pennsylvania in which it is nonexclusive.

Richard Wilson Photography

I absolutely love the runway and photo shoots because it allows me to bring out my creative side along with me making the clothing look fabulous. Runway is my way to show off the sheen and flow of the clothing and that absolutely energizes me. I have had the experience to work with many different photographers – approximately 15 – and love all of their unique ways to shoot me and I always come out learning something new to perfect my craft. To be honest the camera does love me and I have many photographers who want to shoot me. Please don’t get me wrong I am a humble person but I finally found my niche, and I will work my backside off.

Lori Smith Photography 

I was formally trained by John Robert Powers in Philadelphia. I took the beginner and advanced class, and am more than willing to travel for assignments. I attended many seminars at IMTA, different schools in NYC, I am telepromoter certified by Kathy Wickline. I did theater work with Adam Roebuck. I am an avid traveler and have been an American Student Ambassador for 4 years. I’ll be going to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia in July. My focus is to expand and learn as much as I can so that I can perfect my craft. I know that I love the runway and photo shoots and would love to continue that along with other aspects like commercial and print. I am a very focused and mature 15-year-old who knows what a business needs to be successful, and I would love to be a part of your success as well as mine.

Doug Swaim Photography

Email: Marredondo5@earthlink.net

Agency: http://www.lookmodelsandactors.com/

Modeling Experience/Accomplishments of Sophia Arredondo

Photo Credits: Lori Smith Photography, Kathleen DiGrigoli Photography, McKinley Walker Jr Photography



Wonder Wheel 2016 Extra Woody Allen


Blue Blood (S7) EP8/EP10 Extra

CBS Seven Seconds Extra

Netflix Nakenterprise Global Model Competition CBS

CY Entertainment Tonight Model CBS


Avalon Magazine 2017

A ‘La Mode Child-Teen #33 2017

Dixie Magazine 2017

She Sizzles Featured Model 2017

L.A. Photo Shoot Scheduled 2017

L Studio Cosmetic Shoot 2017

Brand Model Magazine Issue #8, #9, #11 2017

Teen Fashion Model Issue #9 2016

Theater: Wizard of Oz Adam Roebuck New York

Fashion Shows:

Sky Lounge Vanny Tousignant New York

Bridalquin Lane Fashion Show CL3 Agency New York

Global Model I,II,III Nakenterprise Harlem, NY

Behind The Seams John Ablaza Stoney Point, NY

What’s My Name Essex College Newark, NJ

NY Fashion Week Skyline Hotel New York, NY

Runways on Fire Holiday Inn New York, NY

Diabetes Foundation TJU Philadelphia, PA

American Girl Fashion Show Tavistock CC Haddonfield, NJ


Modeling 101 Nytia Henry Texas

Model Etiquette and Walking a Runway Andre Galliano New York

Reality Television Anthony Lucente New York

Teleprompter Certified Dave Thomas Philadelphia, PA

New York Performing Arts Academy John Stepanian

New York IMTA 2016

New York Master Class for Models Al Onorato New York

Makeup & Styling Seminar Pol’ Atteue, Tony Perkins, Dani Davis

Monolg Master Class Amanda Moresco, Jessica Moresco New York

Finding a Super Model in You Claudia Mason New York

Fashion Model Seminar Claudia Mason New York

Perfecting Photo Shoots Lori Smith Allentown, PA

John Robert Powers Mindy Sills Philadelphia, PA


Miss Charity USA 2017,

Miss. Jr. Teen New Jersey Tourism

National American Miss State Ambassador

People to People Student Ambassador 2014-2017

Jr. Board Member of Kisses for Kyle Foundation

Special Skills:

Current Passport, speaks some French and Spanish. Cooperative parents and willing to travel.

Stats: Hair: Brown Long

Eyes: Brown

Waist: 24’ Chest 33” Hips: 33’ Height: 5’5” Dress 00 Shoe: 6.5


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