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By The Black Foodies

The Black Foodies recently had the awesome opportunity to attend a
private wine tasting in the home of Chrishon Lampley, Owner and
Founder of Love Cork Screw, a Chicago-based wine company. Ms.
Lampley is high energy and driven and a walking encyclopedia when itcomes to wine. The root of the Love Cork Screw brand is ‘Indulgence Knows No Boundaries,’ and Chrishon Lampley’s passion for vino was apparent as we spoke to her about her Love Cork Screw journey. Our time with this wine connoisseur made for a relaxing and
informative afternoon, a delightful toast to the day.

TBF: Tell us how you came up with the Love Cork Screw concept.
Ms. Lampley: Love Cork Screw started years ago back in 2009. It was
actually a blog first that became a radio show that became bottles on

the shelves. It’s been years in the making. We’ve sold 60,000 bottles,
and its concept was born from being an African American woman in the
industry for so long and felt that it was needed.

TBF: Tell us about some of the names that you’ve come up with for
your wines. We just love them.
Ms. Lampley: I have ‘Head Over Heels,’ which is my Riesling. My
Concord is ‘Hard Knock Life,’ my Niagara is ‘Touch The Sky,’ my
Cabernet Sauvignon is ‘We’re Moving On Up’ and ‘Good Times Good
Friends’ is my Pinot Grigio. It was simply based on the fact that the
number one reason people buy wine is because of the labeling; number
two, the price; and number three, the taste. So I wanted the labeling to
stand out because there are so many bottles on the shelves.

TBF: What is your favorite creation?
Ms. Lampley: Oh, gosh. I’d have to say, ‘We’re Moving On Up.’ I am a
Cabernet Sauvignon girl – that’s my baby – that’s my pride and joy. I’ve
sold out of that vintage about six times now, so I think I got it right.

TBF: Which of your wines come from the vineyards in Michigan?
Ms. Lampley: Actually two of them – my Pinot Grigio, which is ‘Good
Time Good Friends’ and my Riesling. There are some beautiful
vineyards in the Midwest that people just don’t know exist. There are
over fifty in the State of Illinois that people don’t know about. So I
wanted to give them a shout-out and make sure my company pays
homage to these amazing Midwest varieties.

Love Cork Screw is sold in select Mariano’s, Target, Whole Foods,
Kenwood Liquors and Kimbark Liquors. In addition, Love Cork Screw
offers a line of scented candles and body butters. Orders can also be
placed on her website at lovecorkscrew.com. Check out our full
interview with Chrishon Lampley https://youtu.be/URHOLbLcnwU

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