Relative, melodic, theologically sound, creative; these words describe songs
penned and performed by Tamara Lloyd. Maywood, IL, Tamara’s hometown, is where it
all began. At the tender age of three Tamara, better known as “Tammy” began to sing
perfect pitch harmony. Her mother, Yvonne an accomplished singer in her own right,
discovered this talent. Tamara remembers hearing her mother singing around the house to
the likes of Andre Crouch, The Hawkins family, and Sarah Jordan Powell just to name
few. This music was the foundation of her appreciation and love of music.

During adolescent and teenage years, Tamara would perform in piano recitals
orchestrated by her great-grandmother, Marie Griffin. She would also participate in
several choirs singing anywhere from soprano to tenor, and even some baritone.
High school played a major role in her musical development. She started in beginner
choir, but was soon placed in senior choir, and Madrigal Singers her sophomore year.
Tamara was also the first black female to go on tour with her high school jazz band.
During this time is when she discovered recording, and she loved it.

Tamara has had the privilege to perform and produce with wonderful talent such
as; James Hamilton and the Hamilton Singers, Promise (hip hop), ETW (hip hop), Greg
Lockett and Friends, Darlene McCoy, David Hollister, and Lisa McClendon, Michael
Loyd, Kevan Peabody, J. Windsor, Carlton Whitfield, Donyea Goodman, Jody Daniels,
Paul Persely to name a few.

In 2012 Tamara launched her first music business. T.Vox Sound, LLC was born
out of a need Tamara saw in the industry specifically among the indie music industry.
Tamara’s goal is for T.Vox Sound, LLC to become a one stop shop for producers,
musicians, and artist. T.Vox Sound specializes in:

• Vocal Arrangement
• Songwriting
• Vocal coaching
• Music Production

T.Vox Sound is networked with several producers, sound engineers, artist, songwriters,
and musicians who are contracted out to bring the right flavor to any given project.
Tamara’s main desire is to create good music for all to enjoy. She prays that her
music uplifts, admonishes, and brings healing to the masses.

Life is for the living.
Death is for the dead.
Let life be like music.
And death a note unsaid.”
―Langston Hughes,The Collected Poems



  1. Congratulations to Tamara and the T. Vox label family! Savvy women have helmed many of the most successful acts throughout music history. I envision Miss Lloyd joining the ranks of De’Passe, Robinson and Rhone on the business end while equally bringing the heat with her own productions and talent. Kudos for bridging Chicago organizational business grit with the GA talent and entertainment market.


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